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Business Consulting Solutions

F.A.S.T Company Review:

The fastest, most professional, and affordable business assessment available; F.A.S.T focuses on your most ciritcal business drivers: Finance, Assets, Strategy, & Technology. Please see our Service Announcement.

Manage At-Risk Entities:

Focusing on both operational and financial solvency.

Business Optimization:

Including process improvement and redesign, risk mitigation, team building (hire, train, reward, and talent recognition), technology and mechanization, ideation, and innovation support.

Executive and Board of Director Advisory Services:

Supporting all of your company critical decisions.

Acquisition or Internal Development Due Diligence:

Supporting M&A, outsourcing, pre-audit, and area of concern due diligence; assuring you have the information (financial, operational, technical, contract) and decision support required to make the right decisions.

Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing:

Cost optimization, risk management, program creation and review.

Software Compliance:

Audit support, program creation, asset management, and tracking.

Contract Strategy and Negotiation Support:

Advising on both the sales and buy side of contracting to support relationship management, risk reduction/mitigation, and revenue enhancement/savings.