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OmniaNow’s is pleased to announce the wide spread offering or our F.A.S.T Company Review service. F.A.S.T is a proven program which provides you a cost effective and immediate review of potential risks and rewards associated with your current business. During a three (3) to five (5) day review period, OmniaNow will investigate your Finances, Assets, Strategy, and Technology and provide you with a report outlining recommendations and potential risks. The review will be completed discretely (under Non-Disclosure), by a trusted Expert (our Experts average well over 20 years of business experience), and at a reasonable price.

This review will be conducted by an OmniaNow business expert, and will cover some or all of the following (each review is custom tailored to match your unique business situation):

A report presented in writing during a consultative discussion OmniaNow is also available for all of your follow-up support needs. We can provide you will all of the consulting services that the “Big 4” Consultancies provide, at around half the price, and without the “bait and switch”. Our Principals, Experts, and Alliance Partners all have a proven track record of success. Please visit for more information. Follow-up services include:

We look forward to discussing these services and to the potential to help your company to continue to grow and prosper!

Warm Regards,

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